About us

Droidcon is a global developer conference series and a network focusing on the best of Android, and in 2019 it will be coming to Vietnam (again). The idea behind the droidcon conferences is to support the Android platform and create a global network for developers and companies. We offer high-class talks from different parts of the ecosystem, including core development, embedded solutions, augmented reality, business solutions and games. Meet a lot of rockstar international developers and level up your Android game.

Paper committee

Britt Barak

Google Developer Relation at Next and Google Developer Expert

Chet Haase

Developer Advocate at Google

Enrique Lopez Manas

Google Developer Expert

Florina Muntenescu

Android Developer Advocate at Google

Henry Tao

Hiếu Rocker

Google Developer Expert

Iñaki Villar

Google Developer Expert

Romain Guy

Senior Staff Software Engineer at Google

Thảo Huỳnh Quang

Google Developer Expert

Tuấn Nguyễn Minh