Event schedule

July 13th

Check-in & Breakfast
Conference Opening
Using Cloud Firestore to Build Planetary-Scale Apps
  • James Daniels Google

Realtime Face Detection with Firebase ML Kit
  • Nick Skelton GDE

What's new in Android: Android Q and Privacy, get ready for the change
  • Yacine Rezgui Google

  • Fred Chung Google

12 Years On: A Retrospective
  • Zarah Dominguez GDE

Sharing Is Caring - Kotlin Multiplatform for Android Developers
  • Britt Barak Nexmo, GDE

Break time
Accessibility for Design System
  • Paya Do Mercari

GraphQL in Android
  • Huỳnh Quang Thảo Trusting Social

Fast Data Serialization on Android
  • Hieu Rocker Zalo

Conflict-Free Replicated Data Types (CRDT)
  • Matthew Gillingham Mercari

Lunch time
Getting started with CameraX
  • Oscar Wahltinez Google

  • Meghan Mehta Google

  • Max LY Lau Lau Google

Reactive declarative UI as code - trend and healthy competition
  • Truong Sinh Tran Nguyen Inspectorio

Cloud Firestore Codelab for Android
  • James Daniels Google

  • Sebastian Schmidt Google

Building a security module for Android
  • Tín Nguyễn Quoine

  • Nguyen Nguyen Quoine

The Build Shrugged
  • Iñaki Villar Agoda

Teabreak & Networking
Myths and Reality of Android Machine Learning
  • Hoi Lam Google

Java to Kotlin Migration Mistakes
  • Kyrmyzy Kaliyeva Fave

Atomic Design Theory in Practice
  • John Bott Mercari